Official Albums


(07/23/2021)Listen | Lyrics
01. Malevolent3:31
02. The Evil Inside2:34
03. Bloodlines2:40
04. Riptide3:33
05. Patient 2371:45
06. Hellfire3:10
07. Assimilation4:03
08. Fifty-Five3:50
09. Black Sails5:23
01. Warpath5:58
02. Death of Names5:18
03. Witch Hunt4:53
04. Infrared3:49
05. Lady in the Lake5:58
06. Outlander5:15
07. Night of the Living Mannequins4:05
08. Thrown to the Pit6:02
09. Shores of Nowhere7:14
10. A Lovely Night for a Curse8:16
11. Voyage to the Horizon6:21
12. Burn the Pyre8:24

Single Releases

Witch Hunt

(12/22/2018)Listen | Lyrics
01. Witch Hunt4:53
01. Malevolent3:31

Joke Releases

Lake City

(08/21/2021)Listen | Lyrics
01. Lake City2:45
02. White Knight Stripper Lover2:13
03. Kid Out West2:27
04. Exit Wounds (Get Me Out of this Town)2:18
05. PsYcLoMaTiC CoMpLeXiTy1:24
06. Broken Remembrances2:44
07. Lights Under the Sky3:15


RESISTING VEGAS is a dynamic, theatrical hard rock band formed in 2015 in Austin, Texas. Their influences include Guns N' Roses, Avenged Sevenfold, Metallica, Pantera, Polyphia, and Deftones.

Resisting Vegas's latest album, “Malevolent” wastes no time; the songs are short and heavy and they take the listener on a dark journey inspired by classNameic horror. Lyrically, the songs take on the villain's perspective; and are meant to inspire the listener to indulge in their more evil side. The core themes of the album are based on films such as “The Exorcist (1973)”, “American Werewolf in London (1981)”, and “The Thing (1982)”.

Band Lineup:
Magnus Valravn - Vocals
Saint Aria - Lead Guitar
Gonxo - Bass
Cody Griffin - Drums